Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its January ! - Time to Change Your Air Filter

On home consultation or service visits we sometimes ask the homeowner when they last change their air filter. You would be surprised how often the answer came back as "what air filter?" or "I dunno, last year??"

So I am making a point to anyone who comes across this blog to go and change their HVAC system filter this weekend. If you are in the San Jose South Bay Area you have probably been running your furnace for 3 months by now and this is a good mid-season filter change. The standard 1" pleated air filter costs $5 from the big box home improvement stores and it is the cheapest maintainence you can do to protect your system.

So whats happens when you don't change your filter?

- Your fan blower motor energy consumption goes up because it has to overcome a higher resistance.
- Your AC and furnace heat exchangers get dirty which in turn reduce their efficiencies AND capacities. So the 80% 56kBtuh output furnace that was installed 3 years ago is no longer putting out the same output at the efficiency when it was brand new. Or the 3 ton AC you spent a few thousand dollars on 4 years ago just turned into a 2.5 ton.
- Your ducts get dirtier which in turns blows back out to your house. Like dusting more often??

If they are not good enough reasons, you should not be reading this anymore. :)

Next time we will talk about the various filtration options available to the home owner. Stay tuned....

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