Friday, December 5, 2008

Save Yourself a AC Service Call

We had a heat wave here in the Bay Area two weeks ago with temperature up in the 90's for 2-3 days. It is unusual for this early in the season and caught a lot of homeowners by surprise. A lot of them haven't run their system since last year and found that their AC may not be in proper working condition for various reasons. Our service department probably got over two hundred service calls in the 1-2 day period. Needless to say our service technicians were overwhelmed and had some crazy hours. But with that many calls there is no way we can take care of everyone. And so here are some simple things to check that just might get you going again...

- Check your circuit breakers and fuses. The breakers are in the electrical panel. Make sure they are not tripped. It is not uncommon that during the really hot days the system may overstressed and tripped. If the breakers are still in the on position check the fuses at the disconnect by the unit. Usually it is a solid fuse. If you have an electrical meter you can check to see if the fuse is still good. You can pick up spare ones from any home stores to replace them. Make sure you buy the ones with the same amperage ratings.

- Check your air filter and make sure it is relatively clean. A dirty filter can restrict air flow to a point that it ices up the AC coil and stops the system.

- Check your thermostat and make sure it is in "Cooling" mode and the fan is set to "Auto". Also make sure your set point is lower than the room temperature.

If you have checked all of the above and they all are ok. Then a professional need to be called.

The best way to avoid all those problem is to run test your system before the next heat wave. We offer AC tune up service that does just that and more. Call us at 408-894-9072 to set one up!!

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