Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Green Home Performance in South Bay

In addition to being a heating and air conditioning contractor, we also engage in home performance work. It is the disipline of analyzing your home energy use and come up with ways to reduce it. Many times it involve your heating and air conditioning system but not limited to it. Some of the projects involve attic air gap sealing, insulation, duct sealing etc... which as a whole can dramatically reduce the total energy consumption.

It is a relatively new field and unfortunately does not get as much press or marketing dollars compare with the multi-billion dollar solar industry. However, this is the low hanging fruit for energy savings that homeowner should consider before or in conjunction with the solar panels. An average home can be tightened up and insulated for a few thousand dollars with no ongoing maintenance cost which can drop the energy consumption 30% or more. In this era of volatile energy pricing we can all do more to reduce our individual energy consumption and that is exactly what green home performance is all about.

we will add more information and case studies on our website as we move along here.

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