Friday, August 26, 2011

Energy Efficient Tax Credit 2011

After digging for available rebates, what else is there to help off-set the cost of your new energy efficient HVAC system and home improvement project? How about a Federal Tax Credit!

A tax credit directly lowers your tax bill dollar for dollar, whereas a tax deduction simply shaves money off your taxable income.

Take advantage of a tax credit up to $500 through the end of 2011. For some, this credit simply helps boost you into a higher efficiency heating/ac equipment upgrade, among other things.

From an economic point of view these provisions is the best way to jump start the US economy because all the stimulus dollar will be spent within the US on labor and materials. It helps companies like us to keep our employees working and hire more workers. The projects help increase home energy efficiency which lessen our dependency on fossil fuel.

Detailed information of the tax credit can be found from the following link

Sandium can help you review these credits, and find how you can take advantage of it to invest in your home, and help stimulate our economy.

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