Friday, August 26, 2011

Energy Upgrade California Offers Thousands in Savings!

Would you like to save up to $4,000 for replacing your furnace, air conditioner, upgrading your attic insulation, changing out old windows, or upgrading an old water heater? Read on...

Did you know that our homes produce more carbon emissions than ordinary passenger vehicles! It's true. They account for nearly 21% of our countries greenhouse gas emissions. That seems unbelievable! But, when you think about it, there have been very few standards ever put in place when it comes to building a home, in fact, it wasn't until the late 70's when California enacted an energy code. We have hundreds of thousands of homes built before then! And therefore, our homes (especially older home stock) were built inefficiently.

Inefficiency directly relates to energy consumption, and the dollar amount we spend each month to our public utility -- PG&E being the primary supplier of natural gas and electricity in Northern California.

When it comes to energy consumption, we must view our house as a system, because every component works together to create efficiency. The heating and cooling systems would work more effectively and efficiently if the building envelope was sealed tight, if the insulation was enhanced, if air ducts were sealed and insulated to the max, upgraded, etc. When you create a "system" that works together, you not only save money, but you also improve comfort, indoor air quality, lower carbon emissions, etc. The list goes on!

A home energy upgrade makes sure that each piece of this system is designed to function at it's max, so your home is more efficient.

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