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Sandium's Whole House Approach

Sandium's Whole House Approach
What Exactly Is Sandium’s Whole House Approach?
With rising energy costs, and an increase in health issues such as asthma and allergies, it has never been more important to hire the right company to review and/or install your home’s heating or cooling system.  As is the case with most industries today, there are countless HVAC companies that offer all kinds of promises and products to make your home better.  Unfortunately, a large number of these companies fall short, and leave you with a poorly designed heating and/or cooling system that can cause years of problems and require countless expensive repairs.
Clean Air FiltrationSandium differentiates itself by taking an analytical, whole house approach that makes home healthier, cozier, and greener.  The process begins with a review of your current system and your utility bills, and concludes with an entire house survey.  Ductwork is tested for leaks, the home’s envelope is evaluated by means of a blower door test, insulation is inspected with an infrared camera, and your current heating and/or air condition systems gets a total checkup.  All of the data that is collected through this process is then used to calculate energy savings, and plan a new system. 

Your new system will be designed by using precise industry standard protocols such as manual D duct calculations, and manual J load calculations.  This will ensure your new air conditioning unit or furnace will be sized correctly and configured to provide your home with optimal performance, as well as being as energy efficient as possible.
Sandium also is proud to offer a variety of alternative options and features in an effort to accommodate budgets of any size.  Any and all manufacturer, tax, or utility rebates will be researched and explained to you in clear language, without any confusing terms or obscure conditions.  Following the consultation, Sandium’s comfort consultants remain available to provide further assistance by phone or email.
Once you have reviewed and approved your customized proposal, Sandium will arrange for an installation team leader to meet with you to go over the actual job.  These professionals are highly skilled master technicians who have years of experience with heating and air conditioning products.  They will explain the entire process to you and see it through to the end so that you can rest assured the installation will flow smoothly, stay on budget, and be completed on schedule.  Following the installation, these technicians will walk you through the new system, explain all of the features, controls, and functions, and remain available should any problems or concerns arise.
Issues such as hot or cold spots, high levels of pollen and dust, noisy ducts, imbalanced air flow, temperature discrepancies on different floors, high utility costs, and insufficient air flow, will all be a thing of the past.

Sandium prides itself on being different from other HVAC contractors.  We want you to be happy with our work because so we can maintain a relationship with you and maintain your equipment for years to come.  Sandium offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and  2-year labor warranty on all our new installations.  We also offer annual service agreements and preventative maintenance to keep your equipment in tip-top running order and to help you stay ahead of problems and repairs.
Sandium’s whole house approach is a truly unique experience that you will find to be extremely beneficial – and a refreshing change from the rest.  
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