Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Room by Room Zoning System

Take Control of Your Heating and Cooling
A typical home's heating and cooling system has too little control, too little comfort, and uses too much energy. MyTemp can change that; it provides the control to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. It understands that every room has its own, unique, heating and cooling requirements. MyTemp doesn’t have to condition every room at once. Instead, it selectively conditions the rooms that need it, minimizing conditioning in the rooms that don’t. It drastically reduces hot and cold spots and temperature fluctuations between levels of a home while providing easy-to-use energy saving tools.

Create Zones on the Fly with SmartZoning™
MyTemp’s room level control removes all of the physical constraints associated with traditional zoning. MyTemp’s SmartZoning™ is completely flexible. At any time, you can create new zones or move rooms between zones with a few button presses at the touch-screen display. So if your son goes off to college and you decide to change his bedroom to a home office, you can remove his room from the "bedrooms" zone and create an "office" zone to suite your new needs and lifestyle.

Get Heating and Cooling That Fits Your Schedule
MyTemp's 7-day programmable temperature schedules let you easily create setbacks so you're not heating and cooling while the kids are away at school or you're at work. But sometimes you don't know you need to leave until you're half-way out the door. MyTemp's Away mode is perfect for those occasions. Just press Away and your temperature set points relax so you're not wasting money heating and cooling an empty home.

See How Much You're Using and Spending
Did you know that heating and cooling represents about half of the average home's total energy consumption? Yet heating and cooling is one of the least managed household energy uses. You may have heard the saying, "What gets measured gets managed" and at Home Comfort Zones we believe it's true. That's why MyTemp displays the amount of heating and cooling your home is using. MyTemp even records up to two weeks of history and can show total use for the whole house or for each room. Now you'll finally have the information you need to make informed energy management decisions.

To learn more about Room by Room Zoning Systems please visit Sandium.Com


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Jack Firneno said...

We followed these guidelines as we set up our mini split installation boise here in Idaho. Being able to control the temperature in each room was the big selling point for us, and we learned a lot about it here. These really do let you control each part of the house separate from the others.

All Things Heating And Cooling said...

Tracking energy usage is an often-overlooked step toward energy efficiency. It's also very useful when you're considering a new system. For instance, you want to know how much your furnace and central air is costing before converting to a mini split heat pump Haverford system. That way you can really track the difference from your upgrade.

Anonymous said...

Mini splits are the best way to get zoned heating and cooling today. Baseboard heaters used to do the trick, but no AC of course. I've seen bigger homes with dual furnace / central air setups. They work pretty well but man are they expensive to run! Plus you only get two zones. Four or five air handlers in a house creates excellent comfort and each room can feel different if you want it to. You'll occasionally run into some general problems not getting heat from the mini split or something, but with maintenance and regular cleanings, they work great.