Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Are The Ideal Indoor Humidity Levels for Bay Area Homes?

Humidity plays an enormous role in how comfortable you feel within your house and the quality of the air you breathe. In case your indoor humidity gets too high or as well too low, it can impact the wellness of your family and drive up your power bills.
So what would be the effects of low and high humidity and what are the best indoor humidity levels for your home?
The effects of indoor humidity in a warm climate
It’s recognized that the humidity outdoors is a great deal greater throughout warmer weather, as well as the identical is accurate for the humidity inside your home. Nonetheless, you will find numerous negative effects of high humidity inside your household.
Mold, bacteria, fungi, dust mites along with other contaminants thrive in high humidity levels. When they do, it may make your loved ones sick and aggravate symptoms of asthma and allergies. High humidity levels also make it really feel like it is warmer than it truly is, which leads many people to enhance the use of their air conditioners and drive up power bills.
The effects of indoor humidity in cold weather
Humidity levels are much lower in the presence of colder temperatures, and this also creates a number of side effects within your home.
When the air is as well dry, it may lead to numerous health-related troubles from respiratory difficulties, to nose bleeds, to dry and itchy skin and eyes. Low humidity also can warp and crack the furnishings within your house.
Low humidity levels are also bad for power savings mainly because you really feel colder when the humidity is low and are you are likely to turn up your furnace far more frequently.
What are the ideal indoor humidity levels for the house?
The perfect indoor humidity levels within your household are usually in between 30 and 55 %. It’s very best to shoot for a humidity level of 45 %, as that has been cited because the excellent comfort level for most individuals. You could manage your indoor humidity by utilizing a dehumidifier during the cooling season along with a humidifier through the heating season.

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