Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pre-Season Special on Furnace Test and Tune

Seasonal furnace maintenance is essential to make sure your furnace is running efficiently and safely. Just like today's automobiles, modern furnace and air conditioning systems contain motors, sensors, and intricate control mechanisms that need seasonal attention, tuning, and preventative maintenance.

In order to keep your equipment running in tip-top running condition, schedule your Furnace test-and-tune before it turns cold. Last year we received over 250 calls for emergency service when he weather turned cold. Don't take a chance this year to need an emergency repair on Thanksgiving or Christmas eve!

Our normal price for a test-and tune with an air quality analysis and combustion gas leak detections is $140. If you plan ahead, we are offering a pre-season special of only $89. And, if you are a Sandium Service Club member, the charge is only $75.

In most cases the Sandium Test-and-Tune will pay for itself in utility savings. But mostly, the peace of mind you will have knowing your system is operating safely is truely priceless. We are looking forward to assisting you. 

Call Andreanna in our office and schedule today. 408-894-9072 

BONUS OFFER: Mention the web special get a Duct Leakage Test, normally $150, for only $99 with a Furnace Test-and-Tune.

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