Thursday, October 18, 2012

Radiant Ceiling Heat - How Electric Radiant Heat Panels Work

The best way for one to reduce their energy consumption is to use electric radiant ceiling heat. The most practical thing for homeowner is to use radiant heaters to heat the ceiling mounts. The hardware of this device is mounted over the head making it very practical for homeowner living in small houses. This is a good alternative to houses with central heating system. Traditional heating system use a forced air to heat your home, but the radiant heater is using radiant heat to maintain the warmth inside your home.
Know more about the Difference between traditional and Electric Radiant Heaters.
The traditional method of heating is using a forced air that is also known as whole house system. It uses a central unit that can give warm air inside your home. As you can see there are parts of the house that do not need constant heating, this is the drawback if this old heating system. You can save more energy especially if you are just going around to one part of the house that needs heat. With the use of forced air heating, you do not have any choice, but to heat the entire house.
The electric radiant ceiling heat system is also known as room by room heating system. This is the process where you are going to use different devices to heat different areas of the house. You need to have individual portable heaters inside the house and you can turn them on individually to give heat to the part of the house that only needs heat. One of the best benefits that you can reap out of using radiant heating system is the ability to choose definite locations inside your home where heat is needed. With the use of the system only those areas that you want to heat will be heated.
No energy will be wasted, because you are only heating spaces that are occupied by people. Electric radiant ceiling heat system can transmit heat better, so you will feel more comfortable inside your home even if the temperature is lower. The uniformity of the heat round is also one of the best things about using this new heating system. It has the ability to give off uniform temperature all throughout the entire area that you want to heat.
Electric Radiant Ceiling System Prices
As mentioned above this heating can give you the opportunity to save lot of money every month, because your electrical bill will surely go down tremendously. You can heat an entire place for a very affordable price. Electric radiant ceiling heat panel can only consume energy less than an electric baseboard. That can only cost around $200 to $500. These panels are light in weight that can be installed on a flat surface on your ceiling. You can use or treat as any architectural feature inside your home.
How Does an Electrical Radiant Ceiling System Work
This new system of heating houses uses thermal radiation or also known as radiant heat. It can work the same as sun during the day. The heat is emitted coming from the panels and it will be transferred to any objects below the surface. It can absorb the heat directly, you do not need blowers, open flame or any exposed elements, because electrical radiant ceiling heat coming from the panels is very safe. If you are using a radiant heat inside a room, you can heat and cooled it easily. The panels can heat up quickly once turned on. With the use of a panel that is scattered all throughout the house with thermostat you can easily control and give different level of temperature in diverse areas of the house.
You can leave a worry free life and enjoy the winter without worrying about your next electrical bill. With the help of electrical radiant ceiling system you can only warm up the places where heat is needed. You can also save space because it is mounted on the ceiling without disturbing your peace and relaxation. The only way for one to save energy and money is to reduce consumption of energy without sacrificing the comfort of your family. You can only achieve it with the help of electrical radiant system.
The beauty of radiant heat is that it can be used in any situation now. It used to be a system that was only put into concrete floors. Not anymore. Technology has advanced. You can use ceiling radiant heaters in any room, for virtually any situation. Learn more about all the different forms of radiant heat at Sandium.Com.


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