Monday, January 21, 2013

What are the Advantages of a High Velocity HVAC System?

Traditional HVAC System

A standard, low velocity, air-conditioning system is effective, if somewhat inefficiently for a lot of homes. Very first, a refrigerant liquid is cooled from the condenser on the exterior of the house. Then it's moved inside to the evaporator where it's allowed to turn into a gas again. These steps substantially cool the temperature of the gas which is inside a series of tubes. 

The last element of the cooling process blows air across these tube. Air is then pushed into the living area by a blower fan and cools the home. This process has worked really well for several decades but present times demand modern-day solutions. 

Perhaps the biggest issue using a low velocity, HVAC system is that the cooled down air is only immediately available in a little area of the space. Movements in the space by individuals, pets or by simple conduction gradually cool the entire room but a at an unacceptably slow-moving rate. High velocity HVAC systems directly address this deficiency. 

High Velocity HVAC System

An additional, far more convenient answer, as the title implies, high velocity HVAC systems push air into a space at a much higher rate of speed. This force generates a multitude of air currents that equally disperse the cooled air in a much shorter time period. 

High velocity HVAC systems in addition offer other added benefits. The ductwork required for a high velocity system is a lot less intrusive and installed alot more affordably. Because of their smaller size, the ducts may be put far more advantageously and precisely to a customer’s requirements. Finally, they take up a more compact profile in a room and blend in with d├ęcor to a much greater degree. 


While, the conventional HVAC systems might appear to be the most preferred choice since they are the tried and tested, home owners should still consider a high velocity looking to totally replace their Air conditioning systems should look at a high velocity system. Most believe that they are able to reuse their pre-existing ductwork however the duct work utilized in high velocity systems is incredibly different from the conventional duct work. Due to this final fact in mind, a high velocity HVAC system becomes alot more competitive regarding installation and operating costs.

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