Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Electric Air Cleaning - If You Demand Break From Seasonal Allergies

Any person experiencing seasonal allergies knows that retreating indoors does not always bring relief. In some instances, indoor air might be much more polluted than outside air. A reliable way to keep your indoor air clean and a source of allergy relief is by utilizing an electronic air cleaning system.

Electronic air cleaning systems, when combined with germicidal ultraviolet (UV) lights, are potent weapons against indoor air contaminants along with the substances that result in allergies flaring up and leading to discomfort. The air cleaners take away particulates including dust, dirt, pollen and fibers and the UV light kills organic matter and potentially dangerous microorganisms for example viruses, bacteria and mold spores.

The two most typical types of electronic air cleaners are electrostatic precipitators and ion generators. They may be installed inside the ductwork near the main HVAC unit within your home. There, all of the air that heats or cools your property also travels by way of the air cleaner.

Electrostatic precipitators use a high-voltage electrical source to charge particles in the air as they may be drawn via an ionization location. These charged particles are then attracted to flat metal collecting plates with an opposite charge, exactly where they accumulate.

Ion generators send charged ions into the airflow within your HVAC system. These ions attach to and charge particulate matter in the air. These charged particles are attracted to surfaces in your household which include walls, furniture or drapes. The particles also can attach to each other and settle onto the floor, tables, counters or other surfaces.

UV light is usually a really effective disinfectant that removes biological contaminants in the air by causing irreparable damage to an organism’s DNA, rendering it unable to reproduce. In addition to electronic air cleaning units, UV lights are placed inside the airflow of the forced-air HVAC systems, where they destroy microorganisms traveling within that airflow.

Sandium Heating & Air has provided design, installation, repair and maintenance to customers within the greater South San Francisco Bay location for far more than 10 years. Contact us today for far more information on electronic air cleaners and UV lights and how they can keep your indoor air clear of the particles that aggravate seasonal allergies.


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