Monday, March 11, 2013

Open Your Home Up - You Need Fresh Air

Are you aware that your in house air could possibly be considerably more polluted than the outdoor air in San Jose? The majority spend nearly all their time within their house, so that makes it far more important to be sure that your indoor air is as clean and healthful as it could be. Mechanical ventilation is a option to achieve that. These systems pull in fresh air and distribute it all through the rooms, decreasing moisture, smells and air-borne pollutants.

Aside from raising the quality of your indoor air, some great benefits of mechanical ventilation include:

  • Improved control over the air flow in your house. You don’t want your household air to be blended with polluted air from your garage or attic, however this can occur as a result of air gaps and air leaks. Mechanical ventilation will ensure adequate fresh air flow and exhaust your contaminated air.

  • More comfort for you and your loved ones. Many mechanical ventilation devices are also created to filter, dehumidify and condition the inbound fresh air.
There are 3 kinds of mechanical ventilation systems. The right choice for your household will depend on the weather of your area as well as your home’s hvac system.

  • Supply Ventilation Systems. These systems feature an air intake vent, that brings in the outdoor air and moves it with a fan and duct system. The air take in vent can be attached to the main return air duct, which will cool-down or dehumidify the outside air. These systems are designed for hot or mixed environments.

  • Exhaust Ventilation Systems. Rather than bringing outdoor air indoors, these systems concentrate on exhausting your indoor air to the outdoors through one or more fans within your bath rooms. These systems are meant for cold climates and therefore most likely not ideal for properties in San Jose.

  • Balanced Ventilation Systems.  With 2 fans, these systems pull in as much clean air into the home as they exhaust your in house air, providing you with the advantages of both supply and exhaust ventilation systems. These types of ventilation systems work in all climates.
Get in touch with Sandium Heating & Air for additional expert advice on mechanical ventilation systems along with issues related to home comfort. We provide for the greater South Bay area.


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