Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Benefits of Upgrading to a High Efficiency Furnace

The furnace is one of the most important appliances in a home, but maintenance on the furnace is often overlooked for years. Most homeowners don't think about it until it suddenly stops producing heat in the middle of a cold winter day. However, there are many benefits to replacing an old model before it stops functioning completely. Investing in a high efficiency furnace could provide greater levels of comfort along with lower operating costs over the lifetime of the appliance.
Improved Temperature Control
In order to use the fuel more efficiently, these types of furnaces move a lot more air through your home. This extra level of circulation helps eliminate pockets of heat that settle along the ceiling in a room. Extra airflow ensures that each room is evenly heated, making the home seem warmer without the need to raise the thermostat's settings. Powerful blowers keep air moving throughout the entire home. This may lead to slightly higher noise levels than what homeowners are used to with lower efficiency furnaces.
Lower Heating Bills
The rising costs of fuel oil, propane, and electricity have made it harder for many families to afford running their inefficient and older furnaces. If the current model in the home has only a 60 percent efficiency rating, then $0.40 of every dollar spent on heating is wasted. A 96 percent efficient model will cut this down to just $0.04 of lost fuel. Most homeowners see a noticeable drop on their bills within the first few months of operation. These furnaces do come with higher upfront costs, but buyers usually find that they can quickly recoup what they have spent with the money they save each month.
When a furnace burns gas or oil to produce heat, carbon monoxide is also produced. This gas can cause serious health problems if it escapes and enters the home's air supply. High efficiency furnaces are built with tightly sealed combustion chambers to ensure fuel is consumed as completely as possible. This also offers a higher level of safety than older models with unsealed chambers. The carbon monoxide in a high efficiency model has no avenue of escape.
Long Lifespan
Even with annual maintenance, many older furnaces were only designed for 10 to 15 years of use. Many new models come with 20-year warranties. Constant repairs for an older furnace can cost hundreds of dollars per year, which is more money a homeowner can save by investing in a replacement furnace.
Investing in a new furnace could keep the home warmer while cutting monthly heating costs. Any homeowners relying on furnaces that are more than a decade old should seriously consider upgrading to a new model.

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