Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Getting the Most Out of Your Heat Pump

Heat pumps, like other hvac systems,  require require the proper operating techniques to run it's best. The combination of caring for your heat pump in the right way and setting up annual maintenance with your local hvac company can result in a system that is 10-25% more efficient than a neglected one.
Here are some tips to  ensure maximum efficiency between professional maintenance:
  • Use the “auto” fan setting. This allows the thermostat to control the fan and achieve optimal performance. It is also easier on the unit than the constant turning it up and turning it down. 
  • Change the filter once per quarter or as needed.  A new filter will ensure proper airflow and put less strain on the compressor. A new filter is much cheaper than repairing the unit.
  • Clean the outdoor coils periodically. If dirt appears on the outside, that’s your cue to hose down the outdoor coils. You should also keep plants trimmed back so they don’t obstruct airflow.
At least once or twice per year, you should schedule preventative maintenance . During a routine maintenance check a professional HVAC service tech will do the following tasks:
  • Inspect the system for dirt or obstructions and clean it out
  • Check for adequate airflow
  • Check the refrigerant charge and fix any leaks
  • Verify that electric connections are clean and tight
  • Lubricate the blower motor
  • Inspect belts for wear and tightness
  • Ensure the thermostat is operating correctly
  • Diagnose leaky ducts and seal them if needed
Each of these checks will keep your heat pump in it's best condition for years to come, helping you avoid expensive repairs and delaying replacements. 


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