Friday, June 8, 2012

Electricity Bills Too High

High energy bills are a sure sign of a home performance problems. Although many homeowners are quick to blame the furnace or the windows, after investigating hundreds of homes, we find that often some small changes can have a big impact on reducing home energy costs.
To improve the energy efficiency of your home, and to reduce your energy bills, we recommend having a comfort specialist do a top to bottom evaluation of your home. After we examine you ducts, insulation levels, ventilation rates, thermostats, furnace condition, and air conditioners, we will provide you with cost-effective suggestions that will make your home feel better, and cost much less to run. We offer a FREE walk-through audit when we visit your home for the evaluation of a new heating and cooling system. For and extremely reasonable fee, we also offer diagnostic testing to calculate duct leakage rates and air leakage coming into your home -- so you know exactly, and scientifically what is going on in your home.

To have us come out and do an energy audit please visit Sandium.Com

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