Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Environmental HVAC Retrofitting Services

Hopefully we get smarter as we get older.  This is also true of our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry.  Over time our industry has learned how to design and install systems that are safer and more energy efficient.  50 years ago, energy costs were low and we had little understanding of the long-term effect of our environmental footprint.
We take a whole-house approach to make home perform better.  Some call this a “green” approach, but we have seen homes that are called green, but are anything but.  To us, a home is not green unless it performs well.  A home that performs well will
  • provides healthy filtered air to occupants. We used some of the best filtration equipment in the world to keep your lungs happy!  We have staff trained in air quality testing and consulting that can identify and solve indoor air quality problems related to indoor contamination from mold, allergens, dust mite, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)
  • uses equipment that is “right-sized” – not over sized.  A well designed heating and cooling system is a system that works behind the scenes to keep you healthy and comfortable. If you notice every time your equipment turns on and off – then something was not designed properly.
  • is comfortable – meaning that the equipment is not noisy and deliver just the right amount of heating and cooling,
  • is energy efficient, meaning that we use energystar equipment and programmable thermostats that installed as part of  whole-house system
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