Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Healthy Home Audits

We spend so much time in our homes, yet until there is a problem few of us take the time to evaluate just how healthy their home is.  It is a sad, but unfortunate truth, that most people only start to address health issues in their homes when they feel unwell, or when they go to sell the home and they are required to make safety upgrades as part of the real estate transaction. Why wait to fix up your home for the next person when you could enjoy the benefits of living in a healthy home today.

Your doctor can help you deal with your allergy and respiratory problems, but a healthy home inspection can help you uncover unhealthy conditions that may be making you feel unwell.

Your hardwood floors are beautiful, but just below, is a ventilated crawlspace full of dirt, dust, mold, and droppings. Due to the way our homes are constructed, there are plenty of plumbing and electrical openings into the crawlspace that provide a perfect pathway for contaminants to enter your home. 

An estimated 40% of the air in your home starts in your home’s crawlspace. So the key to keeping the air in your home as healthy as possible is to seal penetrations between the home and crawlspace, and to keep the crawlspace as clean as possible. 

A healthy home audit takes a scientific approach to evaluate what is in the air in your home.  We have equipment to sample the air in your home to identify problems such as airborne mold spore concentrations. We test and can monitor humidity and ventilation levels are evaluated. Pollutant sources and pathways that allow airborne pollutants to invade your home.  We use diagnostic monitoring equipment to evaluate swings in temperature and humidity, which uncontrolled can cause indoor mold and dust mite issues.  Sensitive meters are used to identify spikes in airborne particulate and chemical concentrations.  Safety tests are conducted to determine your exposure to deadly carbon monoxide or inadequate ventilation

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