Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pizzeria Piana in Sunnyvale, CA

Are you looking for a good pizza pie in Sunnyvale, Ca? Looking for a locally owned place? Look no further than Pizzeria Piana at 1287 South Mary Ave 408-245-7177. Or you can visit their website Pizzeria Piana. Here are a few testimonials from happy pizza eating customers:

What can I say but this place is nothing short of.amazing.
I love the amazing pizza with crust that dwarfs anything else in the bay.
On top of that the staff is super friendly and amazingly helpful.
The sad news for me is just moved away and that means I will miss out.
But I will visit and get my favorite which is the Italian deli with falafel.
I will miss this place, thanks to all the staff keep up the great work.
It's really hard to find a good pizza place that knows how to make a good crust on their pizza. A lot of places I've been have soggy and limp crusts where the toppings slide right off when you pick it up. Piana did it right and tasty. Good amount of toppings and all fresh too. I plan on coming back to try more menu items.
Just done eating Chicken Gyro that i ordered and i have to say that it was delicious. Will be looking forward to order in future.

"A Slice of Sicily"
Pizzeria Piana
Pizzeria Piana, in Sunnyvale, CA is a locally owned Pizza Delivery, Carryout restaurant, featuring Gourmet Pizza, Pasta & Italian, made from our original recipes and the freshest ingredients. Featuring our own special recipe for our tomato based Pizza Sauce and our own very special Piana’s Pizza Cheese Blend, cheeses by  Absolutely the finest Wisconsin cheeses money can buy. For Pasta, again using our own recipes, we make a very special Meat and a Marinara (Tomato Veggie) Sauce. Each Pizza or Pasta is made fresh to order and oven baked. Our Salads are made only with Hearts of Romaine Lettuce and the freshest of vegetables. Nothing is pre-made.  Pizza & Bread dough is handmade daily, cheese is hand grated and vegetables are personally prepared.  Pizzeria Piana  prides itself in providing the finest quality Pizza, Pasta & Italian Dishes available for Delivery or Carryout.  We are proud to be serving Pizza - Pasta - Paninis to Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Altos, Mountain View & Santa Clara.

We offer Pizza Delivery  to the following zipcodes in Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Altos, Mountain View and  Santa Clara:

Some of our story that makes us different:

 ·         Quality dough handmade daily with the highest grade flour

·         Highest grade sauces with local vine-ripened tomatoes

·         Only Stanislaus (from Modesto) Tomato Products in our sauces

·         Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our dough and sauces and recipes

·         Exclusive blend of premium hand-grated cheeses

·         Grande Cheese – absolutely the finest Wisconsin cheeses ""

·         Freshest garden toppings
·         40+ Topping choices – traditional, specialty and gourmet

Pizzeria Piana was founded by Lynn Guidera Brumfield and the name comes from the village inSicily from which her family comes:  “Piana degli Albanesi”.
It was developed to serve her favorite recipes for Pizza & Pasta in Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Altos, Mountain View and Santa Clara.
Welcome to Pizzeria Piana, thank you for trying us and we hope you enjoy the experience.

Pizzeria Piana Story    

Lynn Marie Guidera Brumfield was co-founder of Pizzeria Piana along with her husband of 33 years, Barry.  They founded “Piana” in the hopes of providing others with quality, fresh Pizza & Italian foods in the tradition of her Sicilian family.  Lynn passed away in November 2008 from cancer, but her hopes, dreams and desires are being carried on by her husband and her outstanding staff.  Her ever pleasant personality and desire to provide the customer with good food lives on at Piana. She hopes from afar that you enjoy your experience with Pizzeria Piana. 

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