Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zoned Heating Every room should have its own Thermostat

Is your home comfortable?Inadequate temperature control is a common frustration many homeowners share.  It's not surprising—most homes have heating and cooling control that's fundamentally the same as it was 50 years ago.  Yet houses have changed dramatically in the past five decades.   They are larger, with more open space; most are multi-level and feature large expanses of windows.  These features challenge traditional heating and cooling systems relying on one or two thermostats for control. Rooms with direct sun exposure or on upper levels get too hot.  Rooms that are located far from the thermostat get too cool.  Keeping a consistent temperature in every room can seem impossible.  MyTemp takes your heating and cooling system into the 21st century; providing unmatched comfort in every room.

Eliminate Hot and Cool Spots

The key to having a comfortable home is maintaining a consistent temperature.  Unfortunately each room has it's own unique heating and cooling demands; as a result some rooms get too hot, others too cold.  That's why MyTemp monitors the temperature and regulates the airflow in each, individual room.  MyTemp then selectively conditions the rooms that need it, while minimizing conditioning in the rooms that don’t, virtually eliminating the common temperature imbalances that plague so many homes.  MyTemp eliminates out the differences between upstairs and downstairs and keeps rooms comfortable regardless of the weather or their location in the home.
Tailor the Temperature to the Person or Activity
Everyone has a temperature where they're comfortable.  As any married couple can tell you, that temperature can be quite different from person to person.  MyTemp allows you to have different temperatures in different rooms so you can tailor the temperature to the occupant or activity.  If you're in the home office, and your husband is watching TV in the family room, you can both enjoy your ideal temperature.  Likewise if you prefer to sleep in a bedroom that's slightly cooler than the rest of the house, you can do that too.  MyTemp brings personalized comfort to every member of your family.

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